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Spanish Paella

5 Foods to Avoid in Spain!

28th January 2016 16

  What do you think of when you think of Spanish cuisine? Paella, cured ham and chorizo, red wine, Spanish omelets, churros, or heaven forbid, tacos and burritos? Okay. so let us put the Mexican […]

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Spain Travel

14 best kept travel secrets in Spain

24th November 2016 0

Spain has so much to see off the beaten track so why not take the road less travelled and discover a few hidden gems? Spain can boast a great deal of Unesco World Heritage sites, […]

Tarifa - The Culture Clique

Visit Tarifa – Who Can Resist?

1st September 2016 0

Reaching out into the closest point to Africa, the southernmost point in Europe and the sea, Tarifa is one of the coastal towns with the greatest tourist attractions, having become a bona fide Mecca for […]

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nude restaurants spain
Food & Wines

Nude restaurant opens in Spain

30th January 2017 0

Nude restaurant in Spain allows diners to eat their food directly off the naked bodies of their model waiters and waitresses.   Innato Tenerife opened this week and encourages diners to strip naked to eat  […]

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spain civil war art in london

Spanish civil war art to be shown in London

30th December 2016 0

Exhibition celebrates Spain’s 1937 International Exposition pavilion, which showcased works by Picasso and Miró An exhibition coming to London in January will attempt to recreate the impact of the Spanish pavilion of 1937, a little […]


Red Penguin Gallery at Guarnieri, San Pedro

25th September 2012 1

Loni Olfers come from a vibrant art scene in Amsterdam where she had been indoctrinated into art by her parents at a young age, to Marbella 8 years ago, bringing colourful modern contemporary art with […]