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Spanish Paella

5 Foods to Avoid in Spain!

5th May 2018 17

  What do you think of when you think of Spanish cuisine? Paella, cured ham and chorizo, red wine, Spanish omelets, churros, or heaven forbid, tacos and burritos? Okay. so let us put the Mexican […]

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Tea and tapas Spanish statistics

24th May 2018 0

Business over Tapas A digest of this week’s Spanish financial, political and social news aimed primarily at Foreign Property Owners: With Lenox Napier and Andrew Brociner.  Consultant: José Antonio Sierra For subscriptions and other information […]

spain weekends

Spain’s secret weekends

16th May 2018 0

Where do the locals go to avoid the tourist hordes? We find five under-the-radar towns the Spanish would rather keep to themselves Capileira, Andalusia This dazzlingly pretty pueblo blanco (white town) is beloved not just […]

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Gallery Art Club Estepona

Gallery Art Club – Fuengirola

13th March 2017 1

Gallery Art Club, GAC is a gallery run by the artists themselves. It´s been opened since November 2015 with Haze Westerlund  at the helm. In september 2016 Klas Blomstrand joined forces with Haze. Since opening, […]

how to cure a hangover 2016 the culture clique
Food & Wines

11 Ways to Cure a Dreaded Hangover

5th September 2016 0

We chugged water, taken pills, and even rolled in the sheets to relieve our cranium that was throbbing. Here’s what We tried… You know better than to purchase anything tagged “hangover remedy” for the mornings […]


Arts and Culture – Featuring Alberto Besga

11th April 2018 0

Alberta Besga’s sculptures represent a merge between the forest and the city. His sculptures represent a fusion that connects both energies, including the tree’s energy with a building or a bridge. Alberta creates solid elements […]

Spain kissing greeting

6 habits you have to lose when in Spain

18th January 2017 0

Siesta, midday drinks and two-cheek kisses; one expat in Spain adjusts to Spanish cultural norms as she lets go of her American customs in exchange for Spanish habits. Spanish cultural norms have a stronger influence […]

Bertie Pearce


23rd November 2015 1

  With the excitements of Halloween and Guy Fawkes behind us, November can be a dull month.   Who better to add some sparkle to dreary days than UK visitor Bertie Pearce?   Bertie is an expert […]