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The Jihadist Threat Book

Could Spain be ruled by Muslims again?

24th February 2016 14

A thought-provoking book written by Paul Moorcraft The rapid conquest of much of the known world in the century or so after Muhammad’s death in 632 AD was a military miracle. Except perhaps for their […]

Segovia Alcazar Castle Spain

7 of the Most Beautiful Castles in Spain

23rd February 2016 1

Spain has had a turbulent history, which has resulted in the country being home to over 2500 Castles. ranging from Moorish castles to military fortresses built in the “Reconquista”, medieval castles, castles overlooking the sea, and […]

Expats Driving in Spain

10 Spanish Driving Laws Expats May Not Realise

19th February 2016 1

Driving in most parts of Spain is generally an enjoyable experience. The roads are good, there is mostly little traffic and petrol is currently cheaper than in other European countries. It’s fair to say that […]

Medieval Village of albarracin

Top 5 Medieval Villages to Visit in Spain

17th February 2016 1

        Albarracín (Teruel)   When you take a moment to think about the most picturesque historical towns in Spain, Albarracín is sure to figure near the top of the list. This town […]

Sierra Nevada Skiing

Skiing In The Sierra Nevada Resort Spain 2016

17th February 2016 1

  Skiing in Sierra Nevada Spain 2016 Sierra Nevada is located in Southern Spain in the Penibético Mountain Range and close to the Mankind Heritage City of Granada. Sierra Nevada is at an altitude of […]

The Lovers Rock Antequera

The Lovers’ Rock, Antequera

12th February 2016 1

La Peña de los Enamorados (The Lovers’ Rock) When passing through the region of Antequera, one of the significant landmarks is a large mountain almost guarding the gateway to the historical town. This is known […]

Huesca City Spainj

The 6 Most Underrated Cities in Spain

10th February 2016 1

Beautiful Cities in Spain –  often left out of the limelight! 1. Bilbao When you take your first glance, Spain’s biggest port city appears to have few things to offer, but travelers who take a moment […]


The History of Design in Culture – The Greeks

9th February 2016 1

The Greeks So to continue bounding along in time travel… The ancient Greeks were also with a lot of beautiful designs coming along as their culture expanded with thought, the arts, music,  all culled and intermingled […]

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