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Spanish Paella

5 Foods to Avoid in Spain!

5th May 2018 17

  What do you think of when you think of Spanish cuisine? Paella, cured ham and chorizo, red wine, Spanish omelets, churros, or heaven forbid, tacos and burritos? Okay. so let us put the Mexican […]

Visit Valencia

Visit Valencia and its Historic Gems

16th August 2016 0

Valencia was founded in 138 B.C. by the Romans. The city is situated on the banks of the Turia, on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula, fronting the Gulf of Valencia on the Mediterranean […]

Visit Madrid

Things to do – Visit Madrid!

10th August 2016 2

Thinking to visit Spain? You will not regret it. When you have decided to travel to Spain, you are in for an amazing journey. For a cultured city as large as Madrid, visiting and seeing […]

Mountains of Spain

The Major Mountains of Spain

26th July 2016 2

Some of the most distinctive geographical features are the Mountains of Spain. They are so widespread that Richard Ford, the famous 19th-century English traveler called Spain’s topography “almost one mountain.” After Switzerland, Spain is the […]

History of Spanish Food
Food & Wines

History of Spanish Food

25th July 2016 1

History of Spanish Food The succession of cultures that one-by-one set foot on the Iberian peninsula have each left a lasting mark on every facet of Spain’s culture: language, music, art, architecture and, of course, […]

POP Art Marilynne Monroe

What is POP Art?

12th July 2016 2

For many years throughout the world “Graphic design” was also known as POP art but usually was for designing advertising and posters whereas POP art was purely a painting using various mediums to reflect a […]

Art of Sabrage

The Ancient Art of Sabrage

4th April 2016 1

The Art of Sabrage – Written by a Commander Sabreur (registered in France) and lover of great wines and champagnes Lynda Woodin. The noble art of Sabrage was an outlandish tactic first employed by Napoleon’s cavalry.  […]

lopez_de_heredia_viÑa_tondonia, Spain

7 of the Best Spanish Wineries

8th March 2016 1

Ten years ago, international wine tourism was a fairly alien concept in Spain. Touring a bodega and seeing how any given wine was produced was virtually impossible for locals and tourists alike! But a lot […]

cabopino_beach Marbella Spain

The Best Marbella Beaches 2016

3rd March 2016 2

  Marbella Beaches and its surrounding towns, has been known for years for the sun, fun and tourist spots. So in time for you to get looking at beaches, here are just a few of […]

Festival Entierro_de_la_Sardina 2016

Spanish Festivals and Fiestas in March 2016

2nd March 2016 0

Festivals and Fiestas in Spain,  March 2016 As you may be aware, Andalucia is filled with fascinating cultural events throughout the year. Whilst many of these festivals take place on the date indicated each year, […]

The Jihadist Threat Book

Could Spain be ruled by Muslims again?

24th February 2016 14

A thought-provoking book written by Paul Moorcraft The rapid conquest of much of the known world in the century or so after Muhammad’s death in 632 AD was a military miracle. Except perhaps for their […]

Segovia Alcazar Castle Spain

7 of the Most Beautiful Castles in Spain

23rd February 2016 1

Spain has had a turbulent history, which has resulted in the country being home to over 2500 Castles. ranging from Moorish castles to military fortresses built in the “Reconquista”, medieval castles, castles overlooking the sea, and […]

Expats Driving in Spain

10 Spanish Driving Laws Expats May Not Realise

19th February 2016 1

Driving in most parts of Spain is generally an enjoyable experience. The roads are good, there is mostly little traffic and petrol is currently cheaper than in other European countries. It’s fair to say that […]

Medieval Village of albarracin

Top 5 Medieval Villages to Visit in Spain

17th February 2016 1

        Albarracín (Teruel)   When you take a moment to think about the most picturesque historical towns in Spain, Albarracín is sure to figure near the top of the list. This town […]

Sierra Nevada Skiing

Skiing In The Sierra Nevada Resort Spain 2016

17th February 2016 1

  Skiing in Sierra Nevada Spain 2016 Sierra Nevada is located in Southern Spain in the Penibético Mountain Range and close to the Mankind Heritage City of Granada. Sierra Nevada is at an altitude of […]

The Lovers Rock Antequera

The Lovers’ Rock, Antequera

12th February 2016 1

La Peña de los Enamorados (The Lovers’ Rock) When passing through the region of Antequera, one of the significant landmarks is a large mountain almost guarding the gateway to the historical town. This is known […]

Huesca City Spainj

The 6 Most Underrated Cities in Spain

10th February 2016 1

Beautiful Cities in Spain –  often left out of the limelight! 1. Bilbao When you take your first glance, Spain’s biggest port city appears to have few things to offer, but travelers who take a moment […]


The History of Design in Culture – The Greeks

9th February 2016 1

The Greeks So to continue bounding along in time travel… The ancient Greeks were also with a lot of beautiful designs coming along as their culture expanded with thought, the arts, music,  all culled and intermingled […]


Valentine’s Day In Spain

8th February 2016 2

Romance is in the Air this Valentine’s Day Spain!   Valentine’s Day Spain is here again so 6 things to do without breaking the bank   The Costa del Sol has a lovely moonshine, so […]

Carlos Santana at the Starlite Festival

STARLITE Festival Marbella 2016

5th February 2016 0

STARLITE FESTIVAL MARBELLA 2016 It’s going to be rocking again, people! Starlite have already started posting who’s going to be performing and if it’s anything to go by just with these 3, it should be a […]



29th January 2016 2

Carnaval!… carnaval! The Carnival (Carnaval in Spanish) is a fiesta that is extremely popular that takes place during Lent. It is unique in Málaga because of its multicultural, colourful and spontaneous character when celebrations are […]


Barcelona and architecture by Antonio Gaudi

27th January 2016 4

Barcelona´s architectural splendour by Antonio Gaudi One stop destination and if you did not understand who Antonio Gaudi was before you visited here, then you’ll once you have left. The port-born creator left Associate in […]


What Villages to Visit in Spain

26th January 2016 4

For decades, Spain has been one of Europe’s go-to destinations for summer travellers looking to enjoy the beaches, cuisine, museums, and a truly relaxed lifestyle. This popularity, however, comes with a price, with many scenic coastal areas now overrun by […]


Carlos Revilla Temporary Exhibition 26-30th Jan 2016

21st January 2016 3

Carlos Revilla Temporary Exhibition An Exhibition not to be missed! The Marbella Ralli Museum is opening a temporary exhibition dedicated to the Peruvian artist Carlos Revilla. He belongs to the school of Magic Realism, which […]

Ivan Cohen sculpted Piano

Ivan Cohen – Sculpting in retirement!

19th January 2016 2

SCULPTING – REINVENT YOURSELF! During the month of September 2009 my wife Helen and I spent some time with my brother Basil & his wife Adele in Italy.   During our stay we had occasion to […]

Edward Champagne

2016 Champagne Offer

8th December 2015 1

The Culture Clique in association with Edward Tatham and Champagne Philippe Brugnon is pleased to offer a specially produced discovery case of the Champagnes of Philippe Brugnon Philippe is a fourth generation producer in Rilly-la-Montagne, a […]

Film & TV

TCC partners The Marbella International Film Festival

6th October 2015 1

The Culture Clique are delighted to announce that they have been chosen as Official Media Partner for the 2015 International Marbella Film Festival, particularly as this is a very important year for the Festival, this in […]

spain commons

Sperm On Legs

23rd September 2015 4

It was such a hot day and I was feeling every bit of the 30 plus degree weather as I travelled up the scenic yet dry mountains, of the Sierras, on my way to meet […]


Serialization: A Trip Round The Art World

23rd September 2015 1

Lot one It was a Saturday afternoon in August and a young naval officer was standing outside John Tooke’s antique shop in Southwold, Suffolk, with him were his fiancée and her parents. Having mocked most […]

Barry Birch spain

Legal High and Cecil

23rd September 2015 1

I have a confession to make, I enjoy sharing a legal high. I get such a buzz and sense of well-being from it that it really is hard to come back down to earth again. […]

Tim Silano
Film & TV

From Hollywood To The Costa Del Sol

22nd September 2015 4

I was sitting in my apartment in Westlake Village California, last September 2014, when my agent Kirk called me about an offer to edit a movie in Spain, Maria Pulera the film’s director was an […]

Film & TV

Notes From A Filmmaker

24th September 2012 1

Raymond Chandler famously wrote “Dead men are heavier than broken Hearts” and two of the great men I am going to tell you are about indeed weigh in long dead but heaved true lion’s hearts. […]


Visit Antequera in the South of Spain !

19th July 2018 0

I have visited Antequera many times and have always been  surprised about another new adventure each visit that i have made to that region. Landing In malaga Airport and then driving up to that spanish […]

No Picture

The history of Spanish Espadrilles

24th May 2018 0

Espadrilles have been made in Occitania region (France) and all over Spain, where they were the usual peasant footwear since the 14th century at least, and are still being produced as from old. The oldest, most primitive form […]

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