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Five reasons why Barcelona is a filmmaker’s paradise

24th November 2016 0

One of the city’s emerging moviemakers teams up with SUPRA to offer his guide to the Catalonian capital’s vibrant film scene  Woody Allen brought Scarlet Johanssen and Penelope Cruz to the Catalonian capital for his 2008 […]

Ana Art

Ana Torralba – An Artist Reaching out

23rd November 2016 0

ANA TORRALBA – Artist Ana Torralba Loyo was born in Santander in 1987. She later moved to Madrid where she joined the Faculty of Fine Arts. Her interest for photography and video began to take shape […]

Mountains of Spain

The Major Mountains of Spain

26th July 2016 0

Some of the most distinctive geographical features are the Mountains of Spain. They are so widespread that Richard Ford, the famous 19th-century English traveler called Spain’s topography “almost one mountain.” After Switzerland, Spain is the […]

POP Art Marilynne Monroe

What is POP Art?

12th July 2016 0

For many years throughout the world “Graphic design” was also known as POP art but usually was for designing advertising and posters whereas POP art was purely a painting using various mediums to reflect a […]

Barcelona Culture

Experience the Culture of Barcelona

29th March 2016 0

From Taylor Follett…. A fellow traveler in Barcelona revealed to me that Barcelona was probably his favorite capital city. I was confused: I know the capital of Spain is Madrid, and I was in Spain, […]

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