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la_mussara in Spain

La Mussara – A trip to Spain’s ghost town

13th December 2016 0

It is only recently that I learned about La Mussara, a deserted village up in the Prades Mountains of Catalonia. My go-to city guide describes how it was “abandoned under strange circumstances in 1959.” My […]

christmas in valencia


8th December 2016 0

CHRISTMAS IN VALENCIA Over the Christmas season the city is filled with decorations and lights to fill the locals and tourists alike with festive cheer. The city has many Christmas traditions, some of the most […]

winter in spain

Spanish winter is here!

7th December 2016 0

Spanish winter is fast approaching, and the best way to come to terms with the slight drop in weather is to embrace it! It may be inevitable, yes, but knowing how to do winter in […]


Barcelona Christmas Guide

6th December 2016 0

Barcelona Christmas Guide 2016 This page has essential information for those thinking about staying in Barcelona for the Christmas and the New Year period. We have also included links to many additional pages on more […]

Christmas in malaga

Christmas in Malaga Spain 2016

30th November 2016 0

This year the Christmas lights in Malaga was switched on the 24th in November, did you miss it? Don’t worry, you will find a video of the lighting if you continue reading. The lighting decoration […]

christmas in spain

Christmas Traditions in Spain

29th November 2016 0

This time of year is oriented towards joy and celebration with family and friends. Christmas was originally a religious holiday, and for many it still is, but these weeks are a special time filled with […]

spain facts

30 facts about Spain

24th November 2016 0

From inventing the stapler and the mop to legal nudity, Spain is more than just sunshine and beaches. Test your knowledge with this mix of informative and interesting facts about Spain. When you think of […]

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